The march of the finals has begun. Here’s one of the many things I have to finish in two weeks.His name is Henry.

Here’s my reel from a month ago. I’ve been making so many reels lately. reelnado. (also psst, the dance animation is in there with the music)

A message from sicpanart
First off, I want to say that I absolutely love your animation style. It seriously is some of the best I have ever seen. I want to ask what motivates you to keep animating once you have started a project? I struggle with finishing my projects even if I am far along. Thanks!

Thank you! Really brightens my day/night.

That’s kind of a tough one for me. I create a lot of work, but at the same time, there’s equally a lot of work that is left unfinished. 

[[MORE]]AHH MAN I DOn’T understand how Read More’s work. And I completely deleted my huge response to this. I’m a dumb butt. Ok, I’m gonna try to rewrite it:

Ok, I’ll try to get down to the core of what I was trying to say. When I work on animations, it’s very easy to get discouraged because, lets face it, it’s a LOT of drawing before you have anything to show. My best advice, I think, is to work during the day (I find myself getting the blues when I work at night and that really stresses me out). I ALSO recommend, if you’re feeling down and icky about completing a project, take a break and go do something else. Plan something fun that’s not related to the project. It always makes me feel better when I spend half of a day doing one thing and then spend the rest of the day plowing through some animation. I don’t know if this habit comes from school or not, who knows.

And on topics of just motivation, I really try to make the project something that I ABSOLUTELY am passionate about. It makes it ten times easier to work on something that you’re truly excited about. Pump yourself up. Envision the final product. I like to imagine the feeling of having an animation complete and finished, it’s always a good feeling. If the project you are working on is not really where your passions are, I would leave it behind as just an exercise. I’ve done that plenty of times.

That’s all I can think of for now, If I come up with anything else, I’ll update this post. But, thanks again for the kind words and good luck on current and/or future projects!

A message from taxingpot
is the goofy dude in your animation a humaniod version of Prismo from Adventure Time?

It’s an old character of mine that I redesigned specifically for this animation. I actually haven’t seen the episode with Prismo yet, though friends tell me I would really like him.

Hopefully the gif works, so here you guys go!

Hopefully the gif works, so here you guys go!

A lil’ bit o’ SALT.

Could this be a character for a super secret project? Well, it’s prolly less super secret, and mostly just SUPER. BAZING! (but really it’s a thing I’m working on with sarahviselart).

wind down doodles.

some imaginary friend doodles from beginning of semester.

Tarot card 17: The Star

Tarot card 17: The Star

It’s a Pepper!

It’s a Pepper!

What is this madness?

What is this madness?

A message from Anonymous
how do you afford art school??? I'm poor and currently in highschool and i really want to attend an art school but the cheapest ones are still between 25k - 30k. how do you afford it?

Ok, so one of the most important things for me, when I was applying to colleges, was to get the best scholarships possible. I applied to lots of different schools, some were the big-name schools, and some were schools that I had never heard of. In the end, I got the best scholarship offers from the lesser known schools. The school I am attending now was generous enough to give me a REALLY great scholarship. 


So, I guess my suggestion is to apply to those little schools that you’ve never hear of. Those little schools are trying to draw more students to attend their school, so they end up offering much better scholarships than the big name schools (from my experience, anyways).

Apply for financial aid and outside scholarships! Those little scholarships do add up. And if you come from a poorer household, FAFSA is something you should always be on top of. During summer-fall of your senior year, I would just hunt down and apply to as many scholarships as possible! Also, don’t forget to apply to local scholarships! I know how crazy it is applying to all these different things, but if you could end up with a nice extra $2,000 scholarship.

My other piece of advice is: have a killer portfolio. Show that you are a beast at life drawing and rendering. If you have a great portfolio, schools will really want you to attend. And you can strategically pit schools against each other (that sounds so malevolent, whoops) by letting schools know that you have a better scholarship offer from a different school. I told one of the schools that I applied to that I was unsure of attending, and in response, they upped their scholarship offer. So, don’t be afraid to be frank with your admissions coordinators and let them know if money is a big factor. Art school’s are businesses, so they probably aren’t going to offer you the best scholarship right from the get go.

You, know, art school/college tuitions are one of those things that really rub me the wrong way. And I love going to art school, but it’s just very upsetting to see many of my peers struggling with tuition and loans, etc… But I do love my art school. I love the people and the teachers and the experience. So if you are set on going to art school, please try to find scholarships and financial aid! It hurts my heart when someone has to pay an arm and a leg to attend school.

Good luck on your journey, brave soul!

OK. It’s time to get them Zzzs.

OK. It’s time to get them Zzzs.

These birds will EFF you UP.